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Trausnitz Castle

First Tapestry Hall (room 20)

This and the following rooms contain an important series of tapestries. Tapestries like these in silk, gold and silver were used as wall decoration in princely rooms and were some of the most valuable items of furnishing. They were commissioned by the Bavarian duke Maximilian I, the son of Wilhelm V, who ordered them in Paris in 1614.

In the top left-hand corner of the tapestry borders is the Bavarian coat of arms and in top right-hand corner the coat of arms of his first wife Elisabeth of Lorraine. Depicted in the tapestries are events from the life of Otto von Wittelsbach, who was enfoeffed with the Duchy of Bavaria by Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa in 1180. This marked the beginning of the Wittelsbach dynasty’s rule in Bavaria, which lasted until 1918.

The tapestries show ‘The marriage of Otto von Wittelsbach with Agnes of Loon’, ‘Otto’s enfeoffment with the Duchy of Bavaria’ and ‘Otto saves the imperial army in the Veronese Klause’.

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