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Trausnitz Castle

Tour of the castle


Picture: Entrance and cash desk area

The entrance and cash desk with the museum shop is in the Damenstock (Ladies' Apartments) of Trausnitz Castle, on the north-east side of the inner courtyard.

The guided tour of the castle begins in the New Knights' Hall, continues through the rooms of the ground floor (rooms 2-7), takes you via the tower terrace stairs to the rooms on the 1st floor (rooms 9-16) and on via the arcade stairs to the 2nd floor (rooms 18-29).


To see a picture of a particular room, please click on the relevant name in one of the following lists:


Plan of the ground floor

Picture: Plan of the ground floor


1  New Knights' Hall

2  Fools' Staircase in the Italian Extension

3  Cabinet in the Italian Extension

4  Castle Chapel of St George

5  Old Knights' Hall

6 Passageway

7 / 8  Vaulted ceiling room next to the Old Knights' Hall / Tower Terrace stairs (no pictures)

Plan of the first floor

Picture: Plan of the first floor

9 Arcade passage

10  Anteroom in the Princes' Building (no picture)

11  Hall in the Princes' Building

12  Anteroom leading to the Fools' Staircase (no picture)

13  Cabinet in the Italian Extension

14  Former bedroom of the duke

15  Former living room of the duke

16  Gallery of the castle chapel

17  Arcade staircase (no picture)

Plan of the second floor

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