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Trausnitz Castle

Castle Chapel of St George (room 4)


Picture: Castle Chapel

Castle Chapel of St George, sculpture cycle on the altar wall

The Chapel of St George is one of the original buildings of the medieval castle.

It is decorated with sculpture of great artistic value dating from 1230/35 – a monumental carved crucifixion group and coloured stucco-work figures on the altar wall and gallery balustrade. The figures of St Catherine and St Barbara and the Angel of the Annunciation have an intriguing similarity with French cathedral sculpture.


Picture: Gothic winged altar

Gothic winged altar, around 1425

In the 15th century the Rich Dukes of Bavaria-Landshut donated three Gothic winged altarpieces, major works of old Bavarian art.

Duke Ludwig X modernized the chapel in 1517/18 with late Gothic net vaulting.

Even King Ludwig II left his mark by commissioning a relief of the Virgin Mary and St George, incorporating his own portrait as the patron.


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